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About Brett Quinton Funeral Directors

Our family have been funeral directors for 2 generations now. With Over 30 Years experience now, as ever, Brett Quinton Funeral Directors provide comfort, support and professional guidance at every step of the way. We are pleased to be able to provide a wide range of services to suit each personal taste and budget, from simple and elegant to elaborate and unique, including eco-friendly, green and woodland burials. It is our mission to provide you and your family with personal and meaningful funeral arrangements to enable you to pay tribute to your loved one. Our staff will support and guide you in creating an exceptional service, allowing family and friends to come together, to honour, to support each other and to celebrate a life that has been lived. We are experienced and practised in arranging services for all religious denominations and beliefs, as well as secular ceremonies, and aim to provide all our clients with a respectful and bespoke service. Throughout our time serving the community, we have always tried to uphold the traditions of those that have passed before us, but have never been slow to recognise the need for change and act upon it.

When Death Occurs

In the event of a death which is sudden or unexpected the Police will attend to coordinate the removal of the body, on behalf of the coroner, to the public mortuary. The coroner will be informed and the requirement for a post mortem assessed according to Ministry of Justice guidelines.

Meeting Us

Our service to you starts from the very first telephone call. You can attend our comfortable and well-appointed premises in Riley Street, Willenhall - you can telephone ahead, or simply pop in as an appointment is not necessary. Alternatively we can arrange to visit you in the comfort of your home if this would be more convenient.

First Steps....

Imagine... a setting so welcoming and comfortable that it could put you at ease, even during your most difficult time. Soft soothing colours, thoughtful design, attention to detail and calm knowledgeable staff to support and nurture you through one of life's most breath-taking moments - the loss of a loved one.

Our Committments

Our family is committed to caring for your family regardless of race, age, religion, background or financial need. We are proud to be independent, family owned and run and ingrained in the local community. We are attentive and sensitive to your needs from the very first phone call until long after the funeral is over

Why Choose Us

All our attention is concentrated on satisfying the needs of our friends and neighbours. We are flexible and responsive to your needs.
This is our business. Our neighbourhood is your neighbourhood. We take pride in our premises, vehicles and, and above all, our staff of whom we ask a lot because we know you expect a lot.
More than meeting your present needs, we want to build a relationship of trust. Trust that means you will come back to us in the future, family to family, because just as you will still be here, so will we.
Large concerns answer to shareholders; we have no head office pressure to make profit other than is necessary to ensure our health, stability and long-term commitment. We answer to you and remain content that we will do best by serving you well.
Funeral traditions vary, even around our small island. We know and appreciate local customs and expectations.


Golden Charter

Prepaid Funerals, Consideration for others is the most common reason for taking out a funeral plan and peace of mind is the most common benefit.


Our Services, In the case of any death, the first practical step is to arrange the removal of the deceased into our care and then await instructions.

Floral Tributes

Floral Tributes, Floral tributes should ideally be sent to the Funeral Director to arrive at least 2 hours before the departure time.


Memorials, All memorials are made subject to permission from the relevant churchyard or cemetery and certain restrictions.........


"I have known Brett Quinton for a few years now and i can honestly say he is one of the most proffessional respectful funeral directors i have had the pleasure of working with, we rdcently said good bye to my nan and have used Brett for a stone to put on my nans plot. The communication that the family have recieved and the way Brett has gone out of his way to help us has been brilliant. Couldnt of asked for more. Thankyou to Brett and all the staff involved."
Jake Butler

"Brett Quinton not only looked after my most precious jewel ( my Mum) he looked after us too! I just couldn't/wouldn't accept that id never be able to hold or talk with my Mum again and just wouldn't let her go! Brett gave me the support I needed to try and come to terms with it and made sure I had all the time I needed to get it right for my special friend. I could go on and on re - Brett Quinton and his thoughtfulness etc - but no point because seeing is believing! Its a thing we all have to deal with at some point, as sad as that is.....I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this guy."
Lorraine Gunn

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